World’s Most Beautiful Scenes

In General on January 20, 2011 at 6:44 am

The world we live in is a fantastic and an amazingly beautiful place. We are all in such a hurry so much of the time that we often forget to stop and admire the natural beauty all around us. At the same time few of us will explore farther a field to find those particular scenes that stand out as true testaments to the beauty of nature – not for lack of ability, but often because we simply don’t know what’s out there. There is nothing more breathtaking and nothing as able to put your life in perspective as seeing some of the world’s most beautiful scenes. Here we will look at what some of the world’s most beautiful scenes are, what they entail, and how you can find them for yourself.

The Northern Lights: The northern lights must be one of the world’s most beautiful scenes and are all the more fantastic for the fact that they are not seen in many parts of the world. These lights, which can be seen from the North pole, Scotland, and other regions during the right times, spread amazingly vivid colours across the sky and interact with the stars to provide one of the most truly breathtaking sights and surely one of the world’s most beautiful scenes.

Igloo with Northern Lights

The Grand Canyon: The grand canyon is one of those things that feels like it shouldn’t exist. It’s so huge, so sparse, and so dwarfing, that any of us feel small standing at the top. The new sky walk now also allows you to stand on a glass over hang and look directly down which is enough to make most people instantly dizzy. One of the world’s most beautiful scenes, and so near to civilisation too.


The Stars: Okay so there’s nothing unusual about the stars and you can find them no matter where you are in the world by just looking up at night. However there are few sights more wonderful than a sky full of  shimmering stars which in reality are millions of light years away. In fact when you look up at the stars you are actually seeing stars and planets as they were thousands and millions of years ago – due to the amount of time that it takes for light to reach us across the vastness of space. For one of the most beautiful scenes on Earth, all you have to do is look up. If you want to see them in all their glory though, try travelling first away from civilisation to a quite place.


Cape town: Cape town is sometimes referred to as ‘heaven on Earth’ due to its innate beauty, and one can easily see why. A small quaint town in South Africa, it is surrounded by huge looming mountains, and looks incredible when lit up at night. A perfect merging of man made city lights and natural rock formations and mountains to create another of the world’s most beautiful scenes.

cape town

Iguaza Waterfalls, Brazil: Waterfalls are beautiful in any case and seeing water crashing down the side of a mountain is a wondrous demonstration of nature’s destructive power. The Iguaza waterfalls however are renowned as the most beautiful in the world due to the surrounding scenery, the great panoramas, and their size and number making this a shoe in for  any list of the world’s most beautiful scenes.


The Grand Prismatic Spring: In Yellowstone park the grand prismatic spring is as colourful and spectacular as its name suggests. Visit during the summer when the chlorophyll is low and the mats surrounding the steaming azure blue springs appears completely orange as though surrounded by lava. Beautiful and compelling.

Grand Prismatic Spring

The Spotted Lake: A site in Columbia which has a high concentration of various minerals that create a ‘spotted’ appearance. During the summer the water evaporates making the lake appear as hundreds of ‘spots’ rather than one large mass of water. It is one of the world’s most beautiful scenes and also one of the most alien.


Waitomo Glow Worm Cave: A cave in New Zealand filled with thousands of tiny glow worms that fill the dark caves like tiny neon stars. Sailing through the caves feels like sailing through space and it’s a truly breathtaking and almost unbelievable experience.




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